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By: ch.rohitji | August 10, 2016

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride and Groom

Wedding Dresses

Indian Wedding Dresses For Women:

1.Designer Lengha – On the wedding occasion nothing could be better than a designer lengha, which is a popular dress to wear on the wedding day. This is gaining popularity not only in India but abroad too with the widespread Indians around the world.

2.Exotic Gown – It is one such dress which is a gift of the western world. In such an exotic gown the bride appears to be the most beautiful lady of the crowd.

3.Traditional Sari – As per the tradition a sari is one of the most sought dress to be worn on the wedding day, which is also related to the customs of the society in various parts of India.

4.Floral Long-Frocks – Some people chose to be differe...