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By: ch.rohitji | October 01, 2016

Groom Sherwani in Delhi are getting popular these days, there are lots of designs out in market.

A wedding is all about being your best and for that what is required is the elegant attire with full make ups and grooming. At the wedding it's the brides who takes away all the attention and groom is left with only a bit of it, but today even the grooms are working hard to look dashing on the wedding night and stand high to pull the attention by experimenting with their looks and the clothing that they wear for their weddings. These days the grooms have moved on from the ongoing trend of tuxedos and other formals while switching to the more traditional dress codes that cover Sherwanis, Kurta-Pajama, Pathani Suits, etc. Even the designers are com...

By: ch.rohitji | September 24, 2016

Know more about Bridal Lehengas in Delhi for Wedding.

Dressing-up for the dreamy wedding isn't that easy as it seems. Every bride is full of enthusiasm for that special day in her life where she has to tie the wedding knot. As the bride is the center of attraction of the wedding ceremony it is very much obvious that she has to look the best and for that purpose along with the make-up and hair do's what is must is the unique and most fashionably designed bridal lehenga that adds charm and glamour to the beautiful personality of the bride. These days there is a huge variety of Bridal lehengas in delhi markets from where you could select the one of your choice which ranges from very economic prices to the elite ones costing high. While choosin...

By: ch.rohitji | August 10, 2016

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride and Groom

Wedding Dresses

Indian Wedding Dresses For Women:

1.Designer Lengha – On the wedding occasion nothing could be better than a designer lengha, which is a popular dress to wear on the wedding day. This is gaining popularity not only in India but abroad too with the widespread Indians around the world.

2.Exotic Gown – It is one such dress which is a gift of the western world. In such an exotic gown the bride appears to be the most beautiful lady of the crowd.

3.Traditional Sari – As per the tradition a sari is one of the most sought dress to be worn on the wedding day, which is also related to the customs of the society in various parts of India.

4.Floral Long-Frocks – Some people chose to be differe...