7 Points to consider before choosing your wedding venue.

Wedding is most probably once in a lifetime moment and to make it a really wonderful and memorable occasion what is required is the proper management and coordination of various involved tasks and above all a perfect venue for the wedding. In case the venue of the wedding is not adequately selected the whole effort may prove out to be a waste of time and money,therefore it is recommended to choose a wedding venue while keeping in mind all the necessary factors like, the location, the capacity to hold the required number of guests, properly maintained area, presence of all the important amenities, security of guests without invasion of trespassers, healthy and clean surroundings and most importantly it should be within your budget.There are various points to consider before choosing your wedding venue.Now let us carefully analyze these factors one by one to understand the key aspects of each one of them:


It is the first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind while making a choice for the venue of your wedding. The location of the venue should be such that every person of the guest list shouldn’t face a problem to reach there. The venue should always be chosen near to the residence so that on the wedding day, if one needs to make several trips to the house it shall not be difficult and time consuming. Another key point to be kept in mind is that the venue should be on the main accessible roads so as not to bother the guests in finding the place.

Venue Capacity

The venue of the wedding shall be selected while clearly analyzing the number of guests expected on the wedding day. Sometimes people send out invitations in huge numbers but the guests that arrive on the wedding are too less or it may be a situation when all the invitees arrive and if the venue is not properly selected it may become over-crowded leading to an embarrassing situation, therefore it is suggested that a proper analysis of the expected number of guests shall be made while selecting the wedding venue.


The area of the wedding venue should be the one which is easily accessible to the guests as well as the it should be located in such an area where the emergency services could be taken help of in case of uncertain mis-happenings, many people don’t ever think of this aspect , but it is of key importance. It is always better to check for the location of the wedding venue where everyone could easily reach and enjoy the ceremony on the time.

Important Amenities

While choosing the venue for the wedding it shall always be kept in mind that all the basic and necessary amenities are available there so as not to annoy the guests it may include proper parking, restrooms, power back-up, medical support, fire-safety,etc. A place with all basic features is the best choice to make while considering a wedding venue so that what is needed is available right on time without any hassle.


Most important feature is that of the security of the guests and the couple as well. It shall be ensued that no outsider or an unwanted person could enter the premises and ruin the celebration of the wedding. Also there should be a security staff to keep a check on the vehicles of the guests and to ensure that no harm is caused to any person or the material which is of key importance .


A good and tidy venue is a bliss to everyone. One of the noteworthy point is the cleanliness of the wedding venue. A messed-up premises is not good to organize a wedding as there is a lot of hassle to renovate it with the decorations. It shall always be kept in mind that everything at the wedding venue should be neat and clean with proper monitoring by the venue staff, house keeping should also be efficiently managed so as to cover the uncertain odd situations.


Last but not the least ,the most important factor in determining the wedding venue is the amount of money that you could spend on the place of your choice. it may vary according to the size of your pockets. It’s not that a cheaper venue is not the good one, it depends on the features and the study conducted by you while arriving at the destination that fits your budget and has all what is required to make your wedding a successful memorable event that could be cherished for lifetime.

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