Various types of invitation cards for your occasion


Every event that is conducted has no meaning if it is not attended by a healthy number of guests to experience the expenditure it has consumed. All of your efforts are repaid if your family and friends appear on your event and praise your efforts and the function. In order to attract your guests to arrive and share the happy moments what you need is a beautiful invitation card that gives them a glimpse of what the event would be like.There are various types of invitation cards in market.For the purpose of simplifying the complexity of selecting the best invitation cards according to your occasion a few types are enlisted and described below for the reference : –

types of invitation cards
various types of invitation cards
various types of invitation cards
wedding invitation cards

1.Theme Based Cards – These cards basically adapt the theme of your event and are accordingly designed to give a match up of the whole occasion. If it’s a wedding and you have selected a beige-white combination for it then the invitation card would also be designed in the same pattern. There are numerous types of themes available in the market to choose from and at the same time you can get one designed as per your requirement and choice.

2.Scroll Invitation Cards – It is a classic pattern of extending the invitations as used in the older times. It is a good choice in case of wedding invitation but not so good while inviting the guests to a smaller event like Birthday Party or the Anniversary or any other such event.

3.In-Box Cards – The new style of sending invitation to your guests in coming-up with these in-box cards, which are placed inside a box along with some sweets or any other item that is being given as a gesture of affection. This concept is gaining heights in the modern times as even the guests like to be invited with something more than just a card.

4.Odd-Shaped Cards – These are the cards designed in odd shapes that are unusual  to be seen. It might be in a shape of a leaf, flower-petal, music-disc, collage or any other shape you can think of. You can get an odd shaped card designed for your guests as per your specification. These odd-shaped cards are mostly used in case of small informal events.

5.Photo Cards – A photo card is the one which has the picture of the main celebrity of the event. It could be the birthday boy/girl or maybe the couple getting married or maybe the chief guest of the event who is the attraction of the whole occasion. Such a photo card could be designed as per the type of event and the flavor of the client.

various types of invitation cards
scroll invitation cards
types of invitation cards
photo invitation cards

Images of invitation cards are just used for reference / demonstration purpose. 

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