The Best Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride and Groom

Wedding Dresses

Indian Wedding Dresses For Women:

1.Designer Lengha – On the wedding occasion nothing could be better than a designer lengha, which is a popular dress to wear on the wedding day. This is gaining popularity not only in India but abroad too with the widespread Indians around the world.

2.Exotic Gown – It is one such dress which is a gift of the western world. In such an exotic gown the bride appears to be the most beautiful lady of the crowd.

3.Traditional Sari – As per the tradition a sari is one of the most sought dress to be worn on the wedding day, which is also related to the customs of the society in various parts of India.

4.Floral Long-Frocks – Some people chose to be different from the routine dresses, so they might opt for these floral long-frocks which are mostly popular in the Latin-American countries.

5.Thematic Attire – These dresses are basically concerned with the theme of the wedding, like if it is a beach theme then the dress would be in lighter shades, but if it is a party theme then the dress is highly decorated with all those glittering and shining stuff.

best Indian wedding dresses
Wedding Lengha
Indian wedding dresses
Wedding Gown

Indian Wedding Dresses For Men:

1.Tuxedo – It is a well fitted suit with the combination of a bow or a tie which is basically the western concept of dressing. Nowadays it is gaining popularity among the modern couples as well.

2.Sherwani – This is mainly concerned with the most popular form of dressing which is somewhat royal and elegant at the same time being the choice of many these days.

3.Kurta-Pajama – This combination of kurta and pajama/dhoti is the traditional Indian dress for the bridegroom which customary values and beliefs attached to it.

4.Jodhpuri Suit – As the name suggests that it is connected to the Rajasthani concept of dressing with a touch of traditional and modern outlook at the same time.

5.Pathani Attire – It is the Islamic traditional outfit which worn on the wedding day. This is nearly similar to the kurta-pajama style.

best indian wedding dresses
Wedding Sherwani
Indian wedding dresses
Wedding Tuxedo

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